About Us

Our main products are classed as industrial packaging, which includes everything from bubble mailers and bubble wrap to steel strapping and cardboard boxes. But thanks to a new line of washroom goods, we can also satisfy general office requirements for products such as toilet paper and paper hand towels.

Our new range of moving supplies has expanded even further than we expected, with a range of moving boxes, packaging tapes and other packing supplies to make your home or office move as simple and stress free as possible.

Originally we only provided a very small range of packaging supplies such as bubble wrap, bubble envelopes and cardboard boxes to end users. As the years went on, we expanded that range to include many other types of packing supplies such as specialty tapes, gift bags and shipping labels. More recently, we have begun offering wholesale packaging supplies to resellers, and now even distribute moving supplies as well.

So if you have a need for packaging supplies and products of any description, give us a call, drop us an email or order direct from our website and you too can experience the highest quality service, product and attention to detail that you would expect from a small friendly team of people whose sole purpose is to make your job easier and stress free.